Where to find passion and love

What is the passion? What is the love? How to distinguish passion from love? Where to find love and passion? You will find answers to questions in comments.

“…Passion it would be desirable, that heart jumped out, and that as in the movie” my acquaintance has told to me. And it meant love. Frequently in our understanding the passion and love are identified. Whether but so it actually?

V. Dal. In the dictionary gives some definitions of passion. Here some of them: “Passion, passions mn to (suffer) stradane, a flour, drudgery, muchene, a corporal pain, sincere grief, sadness… Any passion is blind and mad, she does not see and does not argue. There is passion neistovee no mad love, but also it dies away in due course; Passionate, to the passion concerning; obujannyj passion; who, on customs, and often hotly is fond, whom feelings, instead of the mind&hellip own; ”

And here one of love definitions. “Love is a unity of three Continue reading

Where to find the love

Why so council about love to is popular? To fall in love with itself is not only to cease to call itself silly or thick. It is necessary to fall in love with the body, the person, hair. To go in for sports and lose superfluous pair of kgs, instead of to justify the laziness the body constitution. To start to look after regularly itself, to touch clothes, without pity having thrown out zanoshennye things.

Straighten a back, lift above a head and replace grief in eyes with pleasure of life. Self-trust involves many people.

Where to find the love

On the first place on number of acquaintances there is an Internet. Social networks, dating sites, forums and chats. A minus of Internet acquaintances is uncertainty: who is on that party of the monitor.

Choosing acquaintance in a network, be careful. See page of the person if it is a social network. Absence of a photo, the information and the minimum Continue reading

How to save relations with the favourite guy?

D lja that that mutual relations between two loving people remained constantly at high level important that partners paid attention to their development and preservation. For this purpose it is necessary to show understanding in relation to each other.

Has imparted mutual relations

When between two people there is especially quivering feeling is only the first step to become closer. The second stage will be much more difficult, as consists in saving love in that kind as it has arisen. Some councils for this purpose will help:

To live joking. Important, despite complexity of a current situation all to perceive with sense of humour. Then it is possible to live easily and simply. Then problems will dare by itself and it will be possible to give more attention to development of mutual relations.

Avoiding of disputes. Certainly, in life often there are disputable, at times even conflict situations and between loving people. It is important to be able to listen to the partner and to find the conciliatory proposal. Continue reading

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