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Hello, Cyril! Let’s disassemble that occurs:

To it 26 accordingly. We communicate already hardly more than a year. Recently my girl reflects on leaving from me because I am still young, and she wants a family and the child

Probably that it moves that it in relations with you cannot realise to what goes! Also feels that Both of you be at a stop! It sounds that it the family is necessary and important. The child and IT goes to it is and YOU? There can not be it to it one – and now and while occurs and consequently it and thinks of to leave – i.e. itself accept a choice! Accordingly, if you in relations cannot give it it, it makes the decision on finding THOSE relations in which can receive it!

I speak to it that I will graduate from the institute, hardly I will rise on feet and we will have a family (it approximately when to me will be 22-23 years)

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The author ruslana

Successful relations are one of the best supporting factors in life, therefore it is important to know how to save relations with darling, nesmotrja on any vital complexities. Such relations can sposobnostvovat to life improvement in all spheres, to health strengthening, development of mental faculties and skill to communicate. However, sometimes relations demand readiness to adapt to each other and to go pozhizni as a solid command. At the beginning feelings and emotions suppress a reason voice and consequently it seems to people. That their partner is almost ideal, but in due course romanticists in relations becomes ever less, and discontent – more and more. That it has not led to love disappearance, it is necessary to adhere to main principles of preservation and strengthening of relations.

Avoid widespread errors which kill love.

The majority of loving couples do not give itself the report that their some actions destroy relations. Many partners even cannot release after a while the past and constantly remember former beloved. It, naturally, is pleasant to nobody. Also never compare the present and former passion. Not be the Continue reading

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