What is the happiness?

At once good news – happy to become very simple! And the happiness not somewhere is far behind mountains, and directly with you. Do not trust?

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What is the happiness?

Bryan Trejsi asserts that the happiness is the world and rest in a shower. It turns out if to eliminate or change all factors disturbing to approach

The world and rest in a shower that we will achieve happiness? Too simply for sew lives. I consider that the happiness is a bit more. Let’s understand that such Happiness?

Let’s go a method by contradiction. What prevents to be to us happy?

1. Illnesses.

2. A pitiable financial position.

3. One-way love.

4. Bad personal relations with close people.

5. Death of close people.

Thus if we are healthy, we love and are favourite, financially safe and we support with surrounding friendship – are happy!

(About death it is a little later)

Simply? – It is very simple! Whether easily it to achieve in the life? It is not too difficult, as it can seem at first sight.

Any, most difficult technical work can train the unprepared person in a current of one year! Also it is the fact. In a current of year of performance of the given work

It becomes habitual and natural business though earlier could seem a most important task for the person.

To search, where happiness and to find it is ours with you work charged to us with to top.

To be happy – our natural duty.

Let’s consider all 5 points interfering our happiness

1. Death of close people.

Where to find happiness? – There where there is an understanding of death.

The death of close people, probably the most terrible that can happen in life. Frightens that fact that mankind not in a condition to supervise death.

Frightens as uncertainty that there behind a side.

Let’s look to death without emotions and it is argued.

Recently I have read Michael Newton’s books „Mission of soul” and „soul Travel”. The author of these books – the psychologist – gipnoterapevt, using in the practice

Hypnosis of regressive memoirs. This method of hypnosis is known to a science and is widely used for preventive maintenance of some psychological deviations.

In a condition of hypnosis the person in a condition to remember the smallest details of the life. Michael Newton has opened that in deep hypnosis the person remembers a condition in a womb of mother!

And it certainly not a limit! And life between lives (and there life boils not less ours) Michael Newton has scrupulously written down memoirs of antecedents according to an order of 30 000 clients! He has stated some dialogues in the books.

This opening for not clear reasons remains not noticed neither weights nor an official science. In search of a refutation of statements of Michael Newton about death I have come across on

The information that gipnoterapevty and to Russia have come to France to similar conclusions. On the first channel broadcast transmission „Chasm Call” in which twice the session of hypnosis with memoirs of antecedents the patient was shown.

It is already interesting!

Leaves it is scientifically proved that the soul is immortal! (It actually also confirm all religions) Our body is convenient spets clothes for action in our physical world. Whether and if spets the clothes have torn or have become unfit for use it is necessary from to worry for it.

And new spets the soul selects clothes (a new body) itself! If is at the person congenital or received about lives uvechija is a choice of soul and they are necessary for certain experience reception.

Conclusion: Death – natural predicted and operated process.

The mankind still should learn it.

2. Illnesses.

Where to find happiness? – There where there is a health.

Almost all people with rare exception aspire to become patients.

Each person precisely knows our body in what conditions can be healthy.


Pure, fresh air.

Pure water from natural sources.

A Fresh natural food. (With a difference in minutes from the moment of gathering before the use in food)

Prevalence of positive emotions.

All it is absolutely logical and clear. Not clearly why all mankind persistently destroys itself. Moreover our organism has a huge safety factor and the restoration mechanism. That absolutely the sound body was ill it is necessary very and to try very much. Idea of building Patrimonial ekoposeleny stated in Vladimir Megre’s books I consider a unique exit in struggle against illnesses. The reality of realisation of the given idea supports the existence fact ekopomestja with Seppa Holtsera and Austria. On not so fertile soil in mountains Sepp Holtser has created a natural ecosystem in 15 hectare making a huge variety of foodstuff (assortment not worse than in the Supermarket) and not demanding special participation of the person.

Conclusion: Want to get rid of illnesses for ever – construct a natural supermarket for itself.

3. A pitiable financial position.

Where to find happiness? – There where there is a prosperity.

Whether many money is necessary for happiness? On desert island, for example, money in general is unnecessary the person.

For what to the person money? They are necessary for three things.

1) to Buy and equip a place for habitation.

2) to Buy livelihood in the conditions of a civilisation.

3) to Buy toys (the car, the computer, etc., etc.)

There are two ways of extraction of money.

1) Tweezers (to This way learn) to change in all educational institutions the vital time for the salary.

2) the Shovel (to This way rich parents of children of the house learn and all interested persons through books) using a head to find a monetary source and way convenient for to rake in the shekels. (There are sources lawful and illegal. Use of illegal sources in 100 % of cases withdraw from a happiness condition.)

Conclusion: Study as successful people have made the fortune and the same way make the.

4. One-way love.

Where to find happiness? – There where there is a love.

If you love, it already a happiness slice. The feeling of love is the best than pleasures of the world together taken.

But the love, as well as all in our world submits to certain laws.

There are 3 kinds of love.

1) Love – Lust. The centre of such love is the stomach bottom. Such love comes to an end with satisfaction carnal requirements.

2) Love – Admiration. The centre of such love is the head. Such love comes to an end with the accustoming moment to an image of the person.

3) Love – Close soul. The centre is in a solar plexus. Eternal feeling. First two feelings the brightest and unfortunately frequently rapid, quite often unilateral. The third feeling is more sincere always mutual and eternal, at the defined

Conditions bringing first two feeling and connecting all three together.

Conclusion: Search for the significant other heart.

5. Bad personal relations with close people.

Where to find happiness? – There where there is a mutual understanding.

How to adjust relations with near relations, friends and neighbours?

There are 3 kinds of mutual relations

1) Suppression.

2) Progibanie.

3) Mutual respect.

The Earth our time is a school of mutual relations. And in this educational semestre (this millenium) it is necessary for us to acquire as happily to get on with all types of character without suppressing and without caving in.

And the main thing, do not leave from bad relations is will be not learnt lesson which will come again and again while you do not solve it.

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