How to save relations with the favourite guy?

D lja that that mutual relations between two loving people remained constantly at high level important that partners paid attention to their development and preservation. For this purpose it is necessary to show understanding in relation to each other.

Has imparted mutual relations

When between two people there is especially quivering feeling is only the first step to become closer. The second stage will be much more difficult, as consists in saving love in that kind as it has arisen. Some councils for this purpose will help:

To live joking. Important, despite complexity of a current situation all to perceive with sense of humour. Then it is possible to live easily and simply. Then problems will dare by itself and it will be possible to give more attention to development of mutual relations.

Avoiding of disputes. Certainly, in life often there are disputable, at times even conflict situations and between loving people. It is important to be able to listen to the partner and to find the conciliatory proposal.

Constantly to pay attention each other. It is important, that two people had time which they would spend alone, communicating on interesting themes, enjoying close presence of the favourite.

To forgive errors. Each person has the right to an error. It is important to show wisdom in relation to weaknesses and partner errors.

To tell only truth. Preservation of honesty and accordingly full confidence between the man and the woman extremely important. In this case in a family full harmony will be established.

Steps to strengthening of mutual relations

Nobody will argue that often atmosphere depends on wisdom of the woman in a family or between the guy and the girl. It should learn not understand, forgive and divide all habits of the elect, but also take steps to strengthen relations. For this purpose following methods fine will approach:

To forget about jealousy. To get rid of jealousy it is very easy, if the pair has understanding and mutual confidence. In this case it will be very easy and simple, as similar situations will simply not arise.

To save interest to from the guy. The woman should be always desired. For this purpose it is necessary for it to become attractive and sexual. Besides appearance not less the great value has behaviour of the lady. It should be independent, be able to reach objects in view, to have dreams to which will aspire. Such woman calls heightened interest men, unlike those who has lost for a long time faith in the forces and has locked itself within four walls.

Constantly to prove the sincere feelings. The man should feel always that it is favourite, it will support its feelings. The declaration of love to darling is one of ways to show the feelings. But important also not only in words to show the intentions, but also in acts. In this aspect of relations fidelity and special attention, desire to make pleasant to the favourite will be the best proof. The loving girl should show consideration to that is interesting to the man, attentively to listen to it.

To become for it to all. The woman should become the irreplaceable person for favourite. It is important to combine the friend, the mistress, the interlocutor, the faithful companion, careful mummy. In this case he will get used to constant care and is simple cannot more without it, will constantly feel shortage of attention when it will leave.

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