How to return the beloved?

To return the beloved, first of all it is necessary to cease to operate from dictation of emotions and to start to arrive according to the accurate plan.

It as game in poker or war where are inadmissible display of the present emotions, a hysterics, rash acts, a panic and fear. As soon as the guy or the man understands that it was stopped loving by the beloved, it intuitively and under the influence of emotions starts to do everything that is considered to be correct actions in such situation:

You give flowers?

You make a declaration of love?

You beg her to return?

You make mad acts?

You offer a hand and heart?

Constantly you call, you write sms?

You are angry, you shout, you swear at it?

You prove to its the case?

Women are in the present state of affairs cool and look at such acts as on desperate attempts to bribe it and to manipulate to it that does not lead to expected results. Even worse if the man under the influence of emotions and feelings starts to call or write infinitely sms, isterit to shout, swear at the woman and to explain it the correctness. It already looks for it display of weakness and worsens and without that the bad relation to such man.

Therefore before to learn, how to return love of the woman, it is necessary to understand that all described above action are not simply inefficient, but also spoil all – and to cease to do them.

Why it is necessary to finish old relations?

To return the beloved and to construct with it new long relations, it is necessary to finish the old spoilt. Only in this case relations can develop under that scenario which will be chosen by the man. If to leave all as is, the scenario is set by the woman (she has already decided that leaves). And the man instead of supervising a situation and to set a course of events, only agrees to be conducted by the woman.

It to very few people will be pleasant, and first of all such man will quickly cease to be pleasant to the woman. If it also is with it it is completely not obligatory that it will raise the children from it.

Having finished old idle relations, it is possible to pass to that with zero to build new – in which the guy will show liderskie qualities and all from what the woman without mind. How to finish old relations and what to do after that it is described here.

With pleasure I will answer questions in comments.

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