Where to find passion and love

What is the passion? What is the love? How to distinguish passion from love? Where to find love and passion? You will find answers to questions in comments.

“…Passion it would be desirable, that heart jumped out, and that as in the movie” my acquaintance has told to me. And it meant love. Frequently in our understanding the passion and love are identified. Whether but so it actually?

V. Dal. In the dictionary gives some definitions of passion. Here some of them: “Passion, passions mn to (suffer) stradane, a flour, drudgery, muchene, a corporal pain, sincere grief, sadness… Any passion is blind and mad, she does not see and does not argue. There is passion neistovee no mad love, but also it dies away in due course; Passionate, to the passion concerning; obujannyj passion; who, on customs, and often hotly is fond, whom feelings, instead of the mind&hellip own; ”

And here one of love definitions. “Love is a unity of three

inclinations. The first is an inclination to a body, generating desire. The second – an inclination to the soul, generating feeling of friendship. The third – an inclination to the mind, generating feeling of respect. The love is rich with various emotional experiences, is based on noble feelings and high morals and accompanied by readiness to make all from itself depending for the well-being of the favourite person.”

Apparently from definitions, the passion is a feeling consumer, and besides grasping all thoughts, feelings and time of the person. According to psychologists, the passion arises between very different people. If in the person there is that is not peculiar to you and will never appear, there can be a passion to it as the desire to possess. It is similar to the desire to eat chocolate, we think of it, we go to shop, we buy, we eat and any more we do not want. It is possible to gorge on chocolate And the passion passes. So that still for a long time at it you can not look. Or in general never. And with the object of passion: we do not give, and we consume. The person whom we passionately wish that occupies our thoughts and feelings while we will not be sated with it.

In love differently. The passion from the very beginning is present at love as a component, but in love there is a desire to give and create for which person love conditions at which to it it will be good not only with you. The love has a future, at the passion is not present.

We often wait from love of a drama and boiling passions of which saw in films and read in novels. And we seldom think of that it, maybe, only author’s reception, after all passions do the book and a film it is more interesting. In love, as a rule, there is nothing enchanting and unusual, all develops gradually, long time is under construction on a brick. The love is quiet and reliable, as smooth water and though occasionally run tuchki, the sky again is fast clears up. Passion as hurricane, it is dynamical, destructive and rapid. In love we derive strength, of passion we are tired.

So, if you search for love, define at first that you want to receive. You want the sufferings, throwings and torments, a drive to be stirred up, freshen feelings and to distract from the ordinary and grey everyday life? Then the passion as good means to add bright paints in the measured life is necessary to you.

In clubs on interests, on the Internet, but not dating sites where love search master reminds a lottery, and at thematic forums. Search on work, at conferences, exhibitions, trainings and the seminars connected with your trade or which are interesting to you. In the companies of close friends. When the love comes, there is a feeling of happiness, heat and reliability. There is an inspiration and inflow of new forces.

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