How to find the love? I search for the guy

Perhaps there is no on the Earth a person who would refuse the main feeling enclosed in us by the Founder. And this feeling – LOVE! It is necessary to recognise that a question: “How to find the love?” – it is actual today, more than ever before.

For today on our planet lives already more than 7 billion persons. It would Seem, problems at us can arise at the slightest pretext, but only not to find the husband or the wife. Nevertheless, the fact remains. Despite that the Internet is literally flooded by different offers of acquaintances, for example: How to find the husband? How to find the guy? How to find love. Searchers are every minute attacked by inquiries, type: I search for the man, I search for the woman, I search for the husband, I search for the wife, I search for love and I want in marriage. Perhaps and at you, expensive reader, this theme calls certain interest.

I search for the guy. Where and how to find the love?

We will try to understand this article, why the problem of mutual love in a

modern society costs so sharply. Also we learn, where and how to find the love.

It is not necessary to stop long on the sad statistics which on bondage forces to think of a question: “And is really valid so difficult to meet in a modern society of the person with which it will be cosy throughout long life?”

It is thought, conversation should be begun with the concept of love, as that. In the beginning we will tell about preconditions of its occurrence. As we already have mentioned above, the love is a feeling which we have received as a present from our Creator. Therefore it is better than It, nobody will explain to us that from itself represents love.

In the Word of God about love the following is told literally: “the Love is long-suffering also good. The love is not jealous, is not boastful, it is not extolled, does not behave indecently, does not search for the, is not irritated, does not keep count to insults, does not rejoice nepravednosti, and rejoices to true, all transfers, to all trusts, for all hopes, all with firmness undergoes” (1 cor.13:4-7). Isn’t that so, surprising definition. With it you will not argue. After all here it is a question of original love. Unfortunately, our human representation about the love, much more simplified. Whether not so?

To find the girl for love.

I search for the girl, I search for the husband. As have shown numerous researches, occurrence of original feeling of love to the man or the woman is promoted by our internal installations, views, sights, preferences and character. At times ourselves do not realise it. But in our subconsciousness, under the influence of associates us circumstances, the certain image of darling is formed.

Here is how the announcement of the young girl, for example, can look: “I Search for the guy: outwardly attractive, high, sports constitution, with sense of humour and without bad habits”. The announcement of the woman is more senior, can look differently, for example: “I Search for the man: reliable, kind, decent and financially secure”.

The strong half of mankind, prefers to see slightly other qualities at the darling. For example, the young man could issue the announcement so: “I Search for the girl: beautiful, the modelling appearance, not inclined to describing, cheerful and creative”. With the years priorities change, therefore for the man such variant is more senior would approach more: “I Search for the woman: nice, correct, economic, gentle and careful”.

But we will not rely only on preferences which are on a surface of our consciousness. Followed glance in our subconsciousness which plays defining role in a choice of object of love. That is, that for us seems obvious and predetermined, it can appear not such and important. According to experts on the process of origin of love, absolutely other features of the partner which influence can appear solving.

So, we will bring the first result. If our conscious and subconscious installations and preferences to the right degree find an embodiment in the potential partner, that time to love arise which will form the basis for love origin.

All is at first sight simple enough, but we after all have decided to speak about mutual love. Asking a question: “Where to search for the love?”, anybody and in thoughts does not assume meek or one-way love. Whether not so? And where the guarantee of what mutual love will never pass?

I want to find the love. I search for the guy.

Where to find the guy? And how to find the husband? As it has appeared to us has carried more than to all people living to us. The new science – Sotsionika has opened for us the concept of dual relations. And such concept, as “dual contact”. Has changed life of thousand people. On true, we had a real possibility to use sotsionicheskoj a science and to find the love which never passes. Not we begin explain in detail now an essence sotsioniki. On this site there are enough articles on this theme. Having familiarised with them, you receive answers to many questions, in particular: Why love passes? Why families break up? Why with some people it is impossible to reach mutual understanding?

If you are yet familiar with sotsionikoj, we urgently recommend it to make. Behind bright examples far it is not necessary to go. To observe participants of teleshow “Dom-2” enough. Having got acquainted with sotsionikoj, you can put exact diagnoses of development of any relations.

So, we will draw the second conclusion. Without sotsionicheskoj estimations of the person and the account of the compatibility of pair we very much risk to leave with the favourite for the banal and widely known reason: “have not got on together.”

Certainly such factors as education, education, mentality, outlook and habits leave a certain mark on relations of spouses, but they are secondary. And as a whole, if spouses sotsionicheski are compatible and love each other, these factors in the course of life are simply levelled.

We will not seem original, if on a question: where and how to find the love? We will recommend Sotsionichesky club of acquaintances “Dual marriage”.

Why? You ask.

Because we are professionally prepared to help participants of Club to find the love.

Because we concern this work responsibly and seriously.

Because at the heart of our activity scientifically well-founded methods lie.

We wish, that as a result you have once and for all solved one of these questions: how to find the guy? Where to find the wife? How to find the love?

And more that you never typed these sad word combinations in the searcher: I search for the girl, I search for the guy, I search for the woman, I search for the man, I search for the wife, I search for the husband, I search for love.

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