As men after parting with the beloved behave

After parting to darling painfully happens to each woman. Thoughts and experiences spin round the last events, or on loss of the person which became closest on light. Or, unexpectedly, there is a pity to the thrown beloved. And consequently very often there is a question: and whether the man endures parting?

Undoubtedly, many girls and women had to come up against such situation: at rupture of relations the man from the strong and courageous knight turns in I mumble also a gruel. But such it happens only at you. You its woman, means, you can tell the grieves. At less close acquaintances, it again becomes brave and courageous. The problem also consists in it. Hiding the weaknesses, the man is exposed to stresses, than the woman more strongly.

Women can share the experiences with girlfriends. They always will help council with such situation. Probably, even there will be a plan on the further updating of the life. And here the man’s half usually prefers to use other methods.

Usually it is the alcohol, exhausting trainings in sports hall, or driving with the forbidden speed. Such ways only promote development of adrenaline and are not capable to make the man quiet and counterbalanced. Besides it, it is not known, it can result all in what consequences. Excessive alcohol intake, for example, can lead to alcoholism. The person becomes an inveterate drunkard, loses work. Possibilities to make a normal strong family are lost.

Whether worry men after rupture of relations with the ladylove?

Such behaviour of the thrown man is characteristic also: it becomes the lady’s man – unapproachable, proud and passionate. Starts to get novels at once with several girls or women. Thus he tries to dull a pain from parting.

The majority of girls think that having left with favourite, the man absolutely easy concerns it. Such happens only in the event that there was no love. If the love was, the man worries the same as also the woman.

It is wrong to think that men are not capable of love. Very many can strongly become attached to object of the love. The ladylove becomes so close what to break off relations it would not be desirable in any way. Therefore, in many cases, after parting such steams remain simply friends. Such situation says that except false words and tears, the strong half of mankind is capable and on bolshee.

Happens so that after separation from the girlfriend, he simply categorically does not want to see the former love because the pain from loss favourite very much has wounded its heart.

Here also it turns out that men are capable to test sufferings from parting with the beloved. According to psychologists, such situation makes on them more negative impact, than on a female.

Before to break off relations with the man, before, think, whether correctly you arrive. Do not act rashly, thinking that he all the same will not have feeling of a regret. It not truth. Simply you do not learn, how he actually suffers. After all men do not like to show the weaknesses.

But if to you nevertheless it is not comfortable with this person, do not torment itself. Parting in this case is simply inevitable. Always remember not only the feelings, but also about feelings of other person.

In certain cases, the man can write the letter on parting. To make it, certainly, much easier than to state all in eyes. What words can be picked up for a letter writing? Here the approximate sample of the farewell message.

«When I have met you, to my happiness it was not simple a limit. I will always remember all happy moments connected with you. I will not forget everything that us once connected together. Circumstances have developed so that we should leave. Do not think that the reason only in you. I still concern you as to the most ideal man. Perhaps, even too ideal for me. You perfection. Your eyes, your voice, lips, laughter, your person – live not only in photos, they for ever remain in my heart. Now I write to you and I can not constrain some tear though very much I try to make it. I should cry. I any more do not love you, I have met another. Also I write about it not to break your heart, which knock I so liked to listen in night silence. Simply our roads should disperse now. And everything that becomes in this life, becomes to the best. Forgive me for love which I cannot give you any more. Your love is the best that was with me in life. I thank the lucky stars that I was lucky enough to be familiar with you. I want, that you have forgiven me and have released. But I do not want, that you had a feeling of hatred to me. You still will be happy, believe. Also you will meet that unique and unique which will be to you hope and a support in life. »Here one more letter:

«My beloved! I cannot state all to you at our meeting and here, have decided to state on a paper this valedictory. I think that so it will be better for both of us. I am quiet and without hysterics I can explain to you about the thoughts, feelings and experiences. Here also there has come the moment of our parting. We in this life look at much different views. I was tired that you constantly are not present near to me. And it seems to me that to friends, and to the former girlfriends you give to work much more time, than me. I think that our relations have stopped on one place. We do not bring each other happiness.» And so on.

It is possible to write any words, depending on the reason of rupture of relations. If you would not like to write the farewell letter to the beloved, it is possible to express simply the feelings in verses, on the Internet, or to write in a diary. Thus, it is possible to facilitate the condition a little. Only, after everything, do not blame itself or it for the occurred parting. Means, so it is necessary for destiny.

How to break off the union with the married man?

Many women fall in love with married men. But there comes the moment when there is a necessity to leave. How to break off the union with the married man? Here some recommendations:

It is necessary to lay down to itself the aim – for ever to forget the married elect. If you the purposeful person will achieve the objective.

It is necessary to regret the wife of your man. Only present, as to it it will be sick, when she learns that her spouse meets another.

Understand that it is impossible to destroy another’s families. Acts should be based on nobleness, instead of on super egoism.

Try to convince itself that is the person it is not necessary any more. Put to it all diligence.

If you believe in God, realise what to meet the married man the big and inexcusable sin.

Try to ignore its calls, letters, messages and offers to meet.

Find to itself other man, which single and it is free. Its occurrence will help to leave the married man.

Remember that such meetings in the future in what good will not result. Forget that between you already occurred.

Find forces to stop loving it. You will not be in a role of the eternal mistress. For certain, you do not burn with the desire, that because of you he has thrown the wife and children.

If has decided to leave, leave without turning around back. Without leaving any hopes of continuation of relations.

Tell directly and fairly to the beloved that has decided to leave. It is not necessary to conceal anything.

Try not to react to tears, entreaties and displays of any emotions. Otherwise, so never to break off relations.

Remember that there are many unmarried men who will wish to strike up acquaintance to you and will be much better than your married.

Learn itself to respect. Not all your acquaintances will approve such relations.

It is not necessary to be sorry about the broken off relations. Also, it is not necessary to postpone on then. The longer to tighten, the it will be more difficult to leave then.

The reasons on which it is better to leave the married man

Certainly, it well in any way to you not pair. Time you are lonely and free, you need to find the same free man.

Uncertainty will prevent to plan on the future.

Remember that you are worthy the best life and the best man. Reflect on it now.

The man who is married not always is reliable.

Some okoltsovannye men never can throw the wife for the sake of you.

You are doomed to sufferings. Any woman connected by such relations is doomed to it.

Think of that he never can give you enough attention, being broken off between two women.

Occasionally, you will feel “the second-grade” woman because on the first place always there will be a wife.

The thought on that you will not be necessary to it only in bed to leave you for a minute.

Such man can throw at any moment, having told that comes back to the favourite wife.

The pain from that it is necessary to divide him with another will not leave you.

It never will be your present husband as in the majority of the countries polygamy is not welcomed.

When it is difficult to leave

If to break off romantic relations with the married man all the same very difficult it is necessary:

Or to leave a city for ever and far that there was no possibility to return back.

To change all phone numbers and not to speak at all to the married admirer.

To look in it for all minuses and character lacks, remembering about which to you it will be impossible to reconcile to them.

Change to the married beloved. Then it will be a shame to you to come back to it again.

Even if you madly love it, run from it.

Try to communicate with other men. Twirl in this “whirlpool” to forget about the married.

Transform beyond recognition the appearance. Fall in love with itself!

Go with the girlfriends on cafe and dancing parties. Distract from sad thoughts.

Change all in the life: work, a residence (at possibility), hobbies and a hobby, appearance; places in which you liked to walk with the former married beloved.

Psychology of the man after parting

If rupture of relations between the woman and the man was the result of leaving to another, it is necessary to reflect: why it has made it? There can be in that another it has found what is not present in the former passion.

Probably the woman did not divide its hobbies, for example, skiing, campaigns on fishing or on the nature, but thus was the magnificent mistress. Prepared borsches, vyglazhivala its shirts, easy reacted to too late returnings from work.

But the man is arranged so that borsches and shirts, one fine day bother it. And here to it the woman or the girl who divides its hobbies occurs in the path. She does not know how to cook, but as it is pleasant to sit with it silent in the evening at a fire, or to spend winter day, skiing.

Probably, sometimes he also remembers the former beloved. But if it has not given it chance of the further relations, it finds to itself(himself) the woman somehow to endure parting. And physiological requirements demand satisfaction. In the course of their romantic relations he has found out in it great variety of the positive moments: it does not make scandals; does not humiliate before friends; does not write senseless messages during the day; is able to experiment in bed. So it is carefree and easy to it with anybody was not. And here, he is ready to marry it.

To men, often, it would be desirable a variety. Especially, if romantic relations were short and hot – they simply instantly fuse. Then the man is ready to make new feats and to submit new tops.

The man can get other woman or even to marry from revenge to the former girlfriend. More often, so ladies arrive, but also men too do not lag behind in this plan. Sometimes, thus he not simply ego-trips before friends or close people, but also wants to show to the former ladylove that at it all is excellent. The beautiful wife and all in such spirit.

Anyway, when the woman observes of happy life of the former beloved, it is not necessary to do hasty conclusions. And the it is more, to be upset and search for lacks of. All the matter is that the present and former girlfriend is not better and is not worse each other. Simply man one for two.

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