How to save relations with the girlfriend or the guy?

Many loving pairs during this or that period have cases which are capable to break off relations of the girl and the guy for ever. We have decided to tell (or to remind) what to save the relation always it is possible for you. And also as it can be made, that in the future of such sad situations did not occur.

First of all, you should begin quiet conversation on a theme that you most of all began to disturb in your girlfriend or the guy. Thus it is necessary to behave very easy, without increase of a voice or a presentation of any claims towards your second half. It is necessary to find out, in what the base of your problems consists – can, it is change from someone’s party, maybe, loss of feelings.

To save relations. Which you very much value and do not want to pull down, do not try to alter or change the guy or the girl. You have fallen in love with the person not to correct, and such what it is. If to you causes something a pain or it is not pleasant in the darling try to explain it to it politely. Perhaps he will think of it and can supervise itself further.

If at the partner it is impossible to solve independently any problem, help the darling. Not very well, the guy helps the girl or on the contrary. The main thing is that the help (especially, mutual) is very much appreciated. It is not necessary to solve also some problems at once. When receive control over one, pass to the following. At you already will be more self-trust and in the girlfriend or the guy which helped you.

Very important (and sometimes even key) the role in preservation of your relations plays ability (and in general ability) to listen to the darling. Try to interrupt as seldom as possible him during the story or conversation if want that listened also to you. Is better to listen at first, and then to discuss a question or the problem reason in common.

Learn to forgive favourite or favourite. After all sometimes happens so that it or it makes any nonsense by mistake, casually. And even if it is deliberate, your darling can realise the error and be sorry. It is impossible to pout eternally against each other. Remember: it is not excluded, as you can make a wrong move against the favourite partner. And he can not forgive you also.

We advise to a thicket to show to the girlfriend or the guy the feelings or emotions at present. It will help to pay attention better your expensive person to your pleasures and experiences.

Once and for all refuse lie to the darling. Believe, it never resulted in good consequences. Always something was at some instant learnt and led to the most terrible consequences, up to rupture of relations which you so assiduously try to save.

Forget about involving in your problems of other persons – near relations, the best friends or even children if already is. They have no relation to your difficulties, therefore do not spoil mood and to it too. Always solve all malfunctions together and only so.

If in common to solve this or that problem all the same it is not possible, it is possible to visit the family psychologist. Which will help you and will direct on a correct way. Also do not consider it as totally ludicrous. Frequently such adviser possible to save relations between loving people for ever.

Learn to make difficult decisions, be always ready to new problems. Solve all conflicts in common, support the favourite guy or the girl, always tell truth each other. And still – concern people how want, that they concerned you. Good luck to you in preservation of precious relations and their maintenance at high level!

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