How to adjust relations with the favourite guy

Even strong relations do not do without quarrels and misunderstanding between loving each other people. At times so it would be desirable to take the first step and forget about the conflict, but something keeps from it. As a result time is lost, relations go to pieces and will just about be broken off. Already late to find out who it is guilty, it is necessary to do something to save love and to adjust relations with the favourite guy, having endured a thunder-storm in mutual understanding.

1. A straight talk. It is the most important point. Adjusting relations with the favourite guy, you should try to find out that has kept away you from each other and has led to dissonance. Even if you have sworn after change, sit down with the guy and talk, state the feelings, listen to the favourite. When you frankly and fairly will express, actually quarrel can appear trifling. If is not present, we pass to the second point – we search for the compromise.

2. Find forces on concessions. Sometimes it seems that it is an impracticable problem that you for 100 percent are right and if concede to

the guy your female individuality will suffer from it. It not so, relations, including are under construction and on ability to compound with darling. Eventually, it is possible to pretend that you concede to the partner, after all it not hamovatyj the fellow worker, and the native person to you.

3. Distribute duties in a joint life. There is such expression «a family boat has broken about a life». Often steams clash, trying to find out, who this time should follow products in shop, for example. If you from their number, and your relations with the favourite guy have deteriorated because of it to adjust them try to agree on this question.

4. Also agree about never to take out rubbish from a log hut and not to become personal at people. Not only that it is very unpleasant, when darling at all starts to describe picturesquely your lacks, and it can strongly offend and spoil relations and if you words «we will talk» at home will transfer quarrel for a while forward the thunder can cease, and both of you will not want to swear any more.

5. And the last: at quarrel and after it, always try to put mentally itself to the place of your guy. To analyse, why it so reacts and as you would react on its place. If you do not understand it that risk that its status to be switched to the were.

These councils concern both of you. Loving each other, in a family always adjust relations together. Remember, you play to one command, and your feelings are stronger than any hardship. Simply try, and here will see, warmly again will fill your hearts!

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How to adjust relations with the favourite?
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