The Karelian quadrille, love and pigeons


But places here picturesque, impressive. They also have helped sleepy Medvezhyegorsk to become cinema capital of Kareliya: here passed shootings of films of Chetvert I height And on stones grow trees” “Platinum 2” “Hunting on the piranha” … But most of all local residents are proud of that in 1984 Vladimir Menshov has chosen their city for film shootings “Love and pigeons”.

Since then much has changed – both time and a place. That house with a small court yard about street Bottom, 12 on suburb of Medvezhyegorsk. Where the film crew drove pigeons – has not remained, has burnt down.

And local residents do not dance for a long time a quadrille.


Nature for a film “Love and doves” the film crew searched in the Irkutsk region. On the bank of Baikal (the play is written about Siberia). But have not somehow amazed local places. And it is far from Moscow. To actors each time by plane to reach. And Vladimir Menshov has remembered Kareliya. Where once worked as the director-trainee in the Great Lip.

Vladimir Menshov. I would like any hills, hillocks – it is possible to organise more scenically beautifully. And we have gone to Medvezhyegorsk simply because in the name of “Gorska” – can, the mountain there is any? Anything decent straight off have not found. And suddenly, passing along the street which went downwards, to the river. Stop stop stop, adhere! We have gone down. Also have seen this court yard. Already have then agreed with owners, zamostili all a tree, as in Siberia. Here so it is not accepted, and in Siberia there are court yard where as though the floor is made. And this rivulet below. Later, in Moscow when steels otsmatrivat a material, asked me: where you have found such smart nature?!

In the house chosen for shootings then there lived Elizabeth Petrovna and Nile Konstantinovich. And all three months while there were shootings, owners continued to look after cattle, to hill beds, to salt cucumbers.

Claudia Mokkoeva, the local resident. My mum was very much on friendly terms with Doroshinoj, good Nina the woman. Whether it is live? Greetings pass. Menshov is more all with men. Here at parents long all was, as during shootings. Even pigeons at first lived, which to us have left. And then, probably, the ravens have dispersed them.

Alexander Mihajlov. It is a pity that the dovecot has not remained. Pigeons at us were remarkable. We have brought them from Moscow, and already it is possible to open a secret – the majority of them were trained, were not afraid neither me, nor the chamber. Though I communicated with pigeons not for the first time in life. Was born in settlement, in Transbaikalia, and as all boys, at me had pigeons. Both drove, and withdrew birds each other. False, twirling, chubatye.


Platform on which heroes of a film danced a quadrille, sorted out relations, quadrilles each other swore also, in Medvezhyegorsk too has not remained. Have disassembled, speak, on boards for sheds. Art by art, and fire wood somewhere should be stored.

Vladimir Menshov. Any all dances in a picture seemed to me. A quadrille, lja-lja-lja. And in any way I could not think up, where them to insert. Has left for a week to Moscow. And when has returned, to me have constructed a dance pavilion. Here, speak, on a slope, and we will dance.

To put a quadrille there has arrived the ballet master of Theatre on Taganke Abrams. Have studied local dancing assortment, have invited for participation in shootings of three pairs from national dancing ensemble of vocational training “Rune”. Rehearsed a quadrille with citizens of Petrozavodsk three days. But when the director has seen grandmothers and grandfathers from Sheltozersky folklore collective, vocational training has been forgotten.

Vladimir Menshov. We as they dance have looked, and have understood – that it is necessary. Any shine city, all national. At once it is visible that people from remote places, from a province, and it and was necessary for us. And, in my opinion, well we have thought up with these announcements of figures. I regret that up to the end has not finished. There still there was one my exit, in the end the orchestra to me should be conducted.

The cap with a forelock to the first guy on village to Vladimir Menshov was thought up by the make-up artist. There was no near at hand a man’s wig, and one has gone to a course of gurchenkovskih. A lock have a let out, a cap have shifted sideways – here and an image.


The film left on screens only a year later after has been handed over. Left without any advertising, has not been admitted on festivals.

Vladimir Menshov. It was not yet antialcoholic campaign in that kind, as at Gorbachev. Only the first peals of a thunder. Solomentsev has looked on a summer residence at any bad picture where drink much, and has told “where necessary”: when it will come to an end, we were tired to build children’s homes for mentally retarded, children of alcoholics! And it became a signal to start struggle against alcoholism, and not in life, and on the screen. In the most wild, bureaucratic variant. We have got under the wave. From me demanded “remove” Jursky from a picture. Brad, it was impossible to make it. Me have discharged, have appointed other director for reinstallation. In three months have called. And I have returned everything, all is absolute. Has missed only one small episode (now I am sorry, it was not necessary to agree). Vasily and uncle Mitja drink beer on a mooring. And when they escape from women, to the left mugs approaches muzhichok the local. Which all remained drinks beer in a shot. One double have removed: For a minute he has drunk six mugs, one for another.

Michael Kolesnikov, that “local man”. We, as all curious, have arrived on shooting. To look, it is literally for 15-20 minutes. All is surrounded, we stand at zaborchika. The assistant producer approaches. Has looked at me. And so inadvertently asks: you as the muzhik, about beer? Well, My God, who does not drink some beer? All drink. And three litres you will drink? I speak: well, on a freebie it is possible. I, truth, took the helm. Anything, speak, something we will think up. To me have set the task: here you go, have seen beer – you also drink all. I speak: well, only without the doubles! Have removed without doubles. And beer, by the way, was stale.

medvezhegorskoj administrations during shootings asked to organise employees for mass meeting of local residents. One of the women remembered, how to have it applied “to find pests”.

– Yes that for them to search! I to you now will the result!


Vladimir Menshov. After a film “Moscow to tears not believe such triumphal procession on screens and enthusiastic welcome at spectators, after a cold contrast shower from criticism it was difficult to me to find a plot for a new film. Responsibility enormous, many that I waited to confirm a class not to a smog, and they then declare with pleasure: “Oscar” to me a distance it is casual, the American film academy has awarded it by nonsense.

I have shovelled enormous quantity of scenarios, fiction – then there was a lot of an interesting literature unlike present time. I tried to write, went on the country, got acquainted with people. Something would be desirable to tell important, global. And the case has resulted me on performance “Love and doves” in “Sovremennik”. The play has simply amazed with the absolute unexpectedness. How it happens, what it has jumped out, this performance? The miracle is simple! And there there was brilliant Nina Doroshina, is perfect sumasshedshe it played.

Not too often it happens with me at the theatre – but I laughed, cried. I was broken through by tears, and it absolutely seldom happens to me. And in the end has reflected – here after all as life is arranged! These three components – laughter, tears, thoughts on the life – they also make a true art.

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