Where to find love

My name is Carolina, now to me of 29 years. I married at me two children. 10 years ago I also could not imagine that I will be so is happy.

At the age of 17-18 years, all my schoolmates, and subsequently and fellow workers already met guys. I could find nobody. A question “where to find love” constantly tormented me. I cannot tell that anything for this purpose did not do, more likely on the contrary, but men for some reason escaped at once from me.

For example, I have begun the searches of the beloved with night clubs. Then I yet did not understand that among a contingent of night club I vrjatli can find to myself the husband. I often went on discos, but even addicts did not pay to me attention. No, matter is not that I was ugly. Like all was on a place, only here they jumped aside from me terribly.

I have decided to change a place of searches, but everything, thought where to find love. I began to visit theatres and exhibitions. Here the man began to pay attention to me, but those who showed sympathy signs, did not suit me. Too they were clever and correct.

Girlfriends began to laugh occasionally over me and said that it is not necessary to search for love that she to you will find. Here all I also was afraid to pass that place in which I will be waited by my favourite.

You will not believe, but I even have got a dog and began to walk with it among dog breeders. All dog breeders were very nice men, and besides married. After I began to run in the mornings, and has joined sportsmen who possessed fantastic bodies. But also here to me did not carry, all of them lovely smiled to me and escaped from me.

In general, my searches proceeded throughout 3 years. It began to disturb me as it obviously testified that with me something not so. Then I have dared at a desperate act. I have decided to increase to myself a breast and to make a small face lifting. All girlfriends dissuaded me and even came with new lists, in which places have been listed where to find love. I have excluded half from them at once.

In general, other choice at me was not. Certainly, I was tormented with doubts, but the desire to meet that favourite and the only thing were much more above me. I have chosen the first clinic and have gone there. I was accepted by the nice doctor who for 8 years was more senior me. After I have stated it my wishes, I have heard the first time in word of life ” What for something to change, you and so beautiful.” At me feet, but the scepticism living in me have given away, has started talking and has suggested an idea me so that he speaks to all.

I began to happen in clinic every day. Passed various tests, tests made and looked furtively at Vitju. He noticed me as soon as I was included into clinic and smiled affably.

After a week he has suggested me to have supper together. I was delirious with delight. We have spent unforgettable evening. Vitja has invited me to spend days with it off together. We began to meet. After a month, have decided to live together, just operation has been appointed to that period.

We have cancelled a face lifting, as, according to Victor at me and so all is perfect, and here a breast have increased, for it “personal enjoyment”.

After seams have begun to live, and I began to feel the queen, we have got married. I have bought a wedding dress with very frank, dehydration, fatigue. Now at me to eat than be proud!

I want to give advice all that who does not know where to find love. Do not transform the life into infinite searches, to enjoy it, and she will give you a surprise.

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