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Successful relations are one of the best supporting factors in life, therefore it is important to know how to save relations with darling, nesmotrja on any vital complexities. Such relations can sposobnostvovat to life improvement in all spheres, to health strengthening, development of mental faculties and skill to communicate. However, sometimes relations demand readiness to adapt to each other and to go pozhizni as a solid command. At the beginning feelings and emotions suppress a reason voice and consequently it seems to people. That their partner is almost ideal, but in due course romanticists in relations becomes ever less, and discontent – more and more. That it has not led to love disappearance, it is necessary to adhere to main principles of preservation and strengthening of relations.

Avoid widespread errors which kill love.

The majority of loving couples do not give itself the report that their some actions destroy relations. Many partners even cannot release after a while the past and constantly remember former beloved. It, naturally, is pleasant to nobody. Also never compare the present and former passion. Not be the

egoist as the constant attention is deserved by your significant other. Study not only speak, but also to listen. Be able to support your partner in difficult situations. Try to accept darling, such what it is. Do not try to alter its character, tastes and appearance. From all it the love disappears.

Live conversation

Never stop to talk. Live conversation – one more component of healthy relations. When people stop actively to communicate, they can lose touch with each other. While you talk, you can solve any problem which meets on a way.

All people are individual in ways of effective reception of the information. For one this sight, for others a sound or a touch. Study your darling, understand, what of ways approaches for it. For example, some will prefer to be thrown by pair warm words after the difficult working day while others will long communicate behind a cup of hot tea.

To open something new

Start to study foreign language together with the partner – you can communicate in a new fashion among themselves – to build ridiculous dialogues and to agree about time when in use studied language will be used only. It is possible to go in for sports – here there will be to a place some ambition and a friendly competition. Who faster, is more and more flexibly. It is possible to approach to process creatively – to buy the professional camera and to occupy with photographing art, the blessing model for this purpose is available. Gather puzzles and solve crossword puzzles – employment all these lovely and killing time very much pull together.

Change the appearance, character and the relation to life.

To strengthen relations, it is enough to get rid of negative character traits and bad habits only. It is not obligatory to be arranged under the partner, but it is possible to make at least some steps towards to the significant other. Fall in love with yourself if you want that you were loved by other person. Probably new hairdress, the dress or the improved physical form will allow to bring novelty in your relations with the young man that only will strengthen them.

Overall aims

When you have fallen in love, it is probable at you in a head the infinite list was there and then created has put, which you would like to carry out with this person. Remember, you wanted to make which things with it and together think up the new. Now the summer and why not to go on the sea to learn to go for a drive on surfing or the yacht. By the way, the yacht will very strongly co-ordinate your possibilities harmoniously to operate in steam – after all one chelvoek is not capable to operate this class of ship – the assistant whom all will take the hint is necessary to it.

Appreciate the partner, praise it is more often.

In such a way you show that it person expensive to you. Speaking «I you I am proud», you strengthen relations with the guy. Praise favourite for mind, after all to the man very much flatters, when the woman appreciates its mental faculties. Praise it for beautiful appearance. Necessarily specify in features which seem you especially outstanding. The praise is deserved also by its ability to have conversation, to keep the house clean, absence of bad habits. But it is not necessary to pay compliments in the event that your words do not represent the facts. Such method will help not only to improve relations, but also to raise a self-estimation of the guy.

The sense of humour saves relations

The humour is one of ways of construction and preservation of human relations. It is considered that in sex the humour is better be not to using not to offend accidentally the partner, but at other situations the humour is pleasant to everything if it is pertinent. The person who is able to make laugh, cheer up to encourage, in many cases zhelannee, than a beautiful, callous doll.

If you do not know, than to make laugh the partner, show it a photo tricks, and together with all the heart laugh. It will pull together you if you often be together in good mood.

Changes of a usual rhythm of relations

If you want to adjust relations with favourite, try to replace conditions. If all squares, parks and restaurants have already become boring, try to go to a trip on the sea with the favourite. It at all does not mean that rest should be in five-stars hotel on the bank of Cyprus, it is enough go “savage” for some days, and similar rest will introduce weight of adrenaline and an extreme in rest.

As it is possible to go to automobile travel on the country or a beautiful city, near to your residence. And the further and protjazhennee there will be your route, the will be pleasant and interesting events more. The new people, the new streets, new atmosphere around and a coffee cup in cosy cafe – romanticism and only.

Safe idea is charity. And it is completely not important, as it will occur: whether it will be visiting of children’s homes, whether performances at fairs. The main thing – to do it in common! Difficulties which constantly pursue volunteers, only will even more pull together you, you will start to appreciate each other.

If you catastrophically do not have time for rendering assistance needing, and the situation in relations is necessary for changing urgently – be engaged in self-knowledge each other or something new and fascinating (joint learning of foreign language etc.)

Try to arrange also minicompetitions on knowledge of foreign words. The main thing in this business not to lead up to conflict situation occurrence, differently next time your favourite hardly will agree on the similar.

When the woman is enamoured, it simply soars and radiates a large quantity of ideas. Try to realise them with the darling. Yes, undoubtedly, through a certain time interval your ideas any more will not be so actual, but it is possible to think up something new! Joint employment not only will make your relations stronger, but also will strengthen, thus, requirement in each other.

It is more than time together

Each of us has memoirs on the first meetings with darling. All seemed such new and fascinating, and you could talk hours without a break. In due course there are children, work which takes away a lot of time and forces, various hobbies and many other things that does not leave time for darling. And if at you such shortage of time on favourite also is observed, use councils – and no intense schedule will prevent you to spend time together, even at week-days!

1. A hobby for two

Find possibilities, say, together to run, visit a gym or at least make short walks before a dream. Only it is obligatory together, having joined hands. And at this time try to live this moment, having forgotten for a while about the neoover work which has fused in apartment to a bulb, not washed ware and other insignificant trifles. Forget, because in the Universe there are only you two, here and now.

2. Minute for the favourite

Find such minutes, come off from ajpada, the laptop, bills, debetov-kredetov and other working questions, distract to communicate. To be thrown by pair phrases, to learn, how has passed day – and you are surprised to that, how many at you suddenly it will appear free time!

3. Together be engaged in domesticities

You do not represent how be cheerful can to go together into general cleaning or to descend in a supermarket behind products! Any affairs on an economy will be much more pleasant and more cheerful, if you carry out them together.

4. A joint dinner

It is, of course, difficult to name it appointment but if you work not in the different ends of a city, use a lunch break to spend additional hour together. Even one joint dinner in a week will help you to feel much is more close to each other.

5. Retire

Difficult? Consider possibility of hiring of the servant or the nurse for children, and bring them for the weekend to the parents is better – and wholly take pleasure in a society each other!

Correct behaviour in conflict situations

Conflicts are inevitable in any relations, but it at all does not mean that they should affect feelings and mutual understanding negatively. In any kofliktnyh situations it is necessary to try to hear, what exactly is told by the partner and to try to understand that he wants to inform these. It is necessary to remember always that the purpose of any koflikta is at all the victory, and a compromise finding yours faithfully and love.

However, if to reach the compromise one of partners at the second partner the irritation and discontent with an existing state of affairs in due course will start to collect tries only. Hence, to make efforts for preservation of feelings and a finding of compromises in disputable situations owe both partners.

How the life strengthens love?

Often enough I should hear complaints about following character: «the Routine zaela», «the Life destroys love and relations», «Because of household problems which we could not solve, our family has broken up» and to that similar things.

Here also it turns out that all that is an integral part of our life, can destroy the most perfect that at us is – love. Whether so it actually? Many will tell that “So”, after all because of the scattered socks, because of dirty ware, because of insults on the spouse that it has mixed and instead of a beet has bought carrots, because of all it there are quarrels, scandals, conflicts which a drop behind a drop destroy, day after day, relations.

But someone will tell: «the Life? Routine? Household problems? What it in general such and how these things can affect our relations with favourite (oh)? No, us on the contrary, the life only unites». Also will be completely right, after all you want – you do not want, and time most part is enough leaves on the decision of those or other problems. And that’s it during these moments partners can become is more close to each other, to unite the efforts, and the main thing, to receive from it weight of pleasures and benefit.

If relations spoil because of a life, suggest the partner to distribute duties. Here there is a possibility of a choice of variants. For example, if you like to wash ware, but do not like to wash clothes, suggest the partner to exchange duties. Or it is possible to make the weekly schedule of distribution of house work. In – the general, is where to be developed your imagination.

So, think of it, and start to change belief with «a life destroys relations» on «a life is that perfect that relations improves, does more strong, more happily and more harmoniously».

High-grade life out of door

Any person will not satisfy all your requirements and if to demand from the partner too many this heavy cargo is capable to crush relations. It is necessary to communicate with friends and to find interests out of door, to strengthen the social status, to introduce novelty in attitudes, to reach stimulating effect in relations with the loved one.

Confidential dialogue

Many steams easy discuss that excites them while others raise the voice and desperately insist on the. A key to strong relations – to discuss become painful without fears that you will not understand or, is worse than that, will start to utter or offend.

Fair, open dialogue – the major condition of healthy relations. When both persons feel that can easy speak about what wish or are afraid, the trust and communication gets stronger.

Give more attention of sexual life.

Without sex there can not be high-grade relations. Sex allows not only to take pleasure, but also to revive love. Remember: when you last time felt passion? Add fast sex which will revive relations and will warm up sexual desire of partners. Bring a variety sexual life, having studied new poses, playing role-playing games or using various sexual toys. Many steams with the long experience of relations wish to recover the sexual activity. 5 councils more low are offered how to make active sexual life.

1. Sex generates sex. Want to overcome routine in sexual life? Forward in bed! Employment by sex stimulate development of sexual hormones, raise a physical tone of muscles, allow you to remember the forgotten emotions of carefree intimate relations when they were in a novelty. The first step can be difficult, but it needs to be made. Give more attention of sexual life. And it becomes brighter by itself.

2. Concern responsibly to sexual lives. If you the man remember, what is the time spent for a seducing and courting for the girl who has pleasant to you, what used “receptions” to achieve from it affinity as caressed and concerned it. If you the woman remember sexual clothes and a make-up, put in order appearance, every evening go to a bedroom as on appointment, instead of as for work.

3. Search for new sensations. To overcome routine, it is necessary to make something that you never did earlier. Be stirred up! Try new poses, or look at erotic video, or replace conditions. Reflect in the afternoon that can entertain you in the evening.

4. Study itself. Understand with the body: what sensations most of all are pleasant to you, what actions bring pleasure and what, on the contrary, irritate that you “gets” and.т.п. Tell about it to the partner and learn from it the same. Ask it to share own supervision. Probably, you should reconsider seriously the scenario of sexual relations, but the positive effect will not be slow to appear.

5. Find time for sex. Remember, how you have been keen on sex during the first months of relations? Compare, what is the time you with the partner gave to intim then and now. If the difference turns out big it is occasion to reflect on more frequent breaks on sex. Throw all affairs, working and house, and retire to a bedroom! If yours individual rhythms do not coincide with the partner, and everyone wants to do sex breaks in due time accept a private rule: sex begins in each case when at least one of partners tries to begin it. Nobody should remain the disappointed refusal.

The main thing, remember that sex – an important part of the life of any person and a necessary component of mutual relations. To live active sexual life not less important, than to go for work, to meet friends or to be cleaned in apartment. Start to change it to the best, and at you necessarily all will turn out!

Separately it is necessary to tell about jealousy. After all any though time was jealous darling. And during these moments it is possible to tell nonsenses about which you will be sorry then. Therefore saving calmness it is necessary to tell about the claims and requests and as together to discuss possible exits and decisions. Then you become the initiator of mutual relations in which the compromise will be a major principle. After all if you are having understood to raise the voice, show aggression, and easy to communicate and with understanding to concern actions of darling also it will arrive in the same way, inspired by your behaviour.

If you want to adjust not simply your relations, and to strengthen them and to make constants. Analyse itself. Will take a detached view of itself and you for certain will see any not absolutely tactful words or actions. At first it is necessary to change most, and then the person favourite by you will necessarily change the style of life, and will pass it imperceptibly and there will be no occasion to new conflicts. So also relations will be strong and reliable.

And not a secret, what even between loving people often there are disagreements. But it is possible to tell that it is natural and normal process. Misunderstanding can arise and in families in which people have already celebrated a golden wedding. But an essence not that they appear, and in how the guy and the girl are able to solve them. After all ability to concede, go on compromises and to show flexibility are indispensable conditions for strong relations.

It is known that any relations change in due course. At first you seem each other the ideal people deprived any was lacks, but then pink glasses gradually move down from a nose, and the reality often appears absolutely another. If that you see after love recedes a little, you arranges, the grinding in stage begins.

This restless time when quarrels flash, begins resistance of characters and struggle for leadership in relations. Not all steams overcome this period. If your love has appeared more strongly time difficulties, it yet an occasion to relax. It can appear that the main dangers still ahead. If you is wise, no quarrels can spoil your union.

Try to listen to the heart, but do not forget and about reason. If you want, that your pair was strong, and relations long, remember an old wise rule: arrive with others how you want, that arrived with you. Perhaps, it is better than it any modern does not work.

Sometimes it seems that to begin relations very difficult, but in comparison with that them it will be necessary to save and strengthen it – a trifle. Therefore in common build the happiness and enjoy it!

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