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Hello, Cyril! Let’s disassemble that occurs:

To it 26 accordingly. We communicate already hardly more than a year. Recently my girl reflects on leaving from me because I am still young, and she wants a family and the child

Probably that it moves that it in relations with you cannot realise to what goes! Also feels that Both of you be at a stop! It sounds that it the family is necessary and important. The child and IT goes to it is and YOU? There can not be it to it one – and now and while occurs and consequently it and thinks of to leave – i.e. itself accept a choice! Accordingly, if you in relations cannot give it it, it makes the decision on finding THOSE relations in which can receive it!

I speak to it that I will graduate from the institute, hardly I will rise on feet and we will have a family (it approximately when to me will be 22-23 years)

And what prevents to be now already together? Where communication meanwhile that you will rise on feet and a family. Why it is impossible to solve it together? To pass these vital stages being in marriage and a system a family. After all thereby Both of you To something will move, and now your relations are deprived joint movement! There are only plans and any realisation!

Says that as the reason to reflect on expediency of continuation of our relations because of teranii for my part (it really takes place to be), that I constantly try to change it (as it takes place to be),

Accordingly – FROM what IT leaves? FROM YOU or FROM relations. If FROM relations is that it means that in that point where they are now they it do not arrange (and you too – time write that some facts take place to be – tyranny and attempts to change!) – and these Relations also it is necessary to change – BUT – already in common! And it means – to study not speak about the feelings and experiences, BUT ALSO to hear and listen each other! Accordingly – you cannot change the relation, without changing yourself and from it and it is necessary to begin!

At me the big plans for it, it’s my happiness. Prompt to me, whether there is a sense to try to keep it and if there is that as it better to make?

In it and business! That under by plans are also necessary actions – i.e. THOSE real steps which you together takes place to the purposes – that will give the chance to it to see that relations move, develop and that you together!

To develop interest in it to show an indifference (tipo “The less girls we love something, the more we are pleasant to them”).

And here it is strange – except the indifference you will not show anything to it also that the assert it in thought that relations of have got rid of even more! It is not necessary to choose sideways – simply Hear, what does not suffice the partner and how you can give it to it, except promises and expectation? And this choice already for you!

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