How to adjust relations with favourite if too often quarrel

Unfortunately, conflicts – very frequent phenomenon in a family. Even if partners love the friend-friend, disputes are inevitable. And we will always find an occasion to transform them into quarrel with charges. It is good, if after quarrel there comes reconciliation. Much worse if quarrels become “tradition” in relations also will be a unique occasion to dialogue.

Why so occurs between close people? They appreciate, love, but do not want to listen each other. How to adjust relations? And how to quarrel correctly, not to finish to rupture?

All of us since the childhood we imagine the ideal model of relations. Time comes, and relations develop into a family. Suddenly all appears not so raduzhno. After all there is a merge of two absolutely different characters.

We start to realise that these relations for ever. And not all at once we can accept it. There comes a panic. We try to defend the rights. In our dreams it was not supposed that except the rights duties will come also. And smothering still clearly remembers free life. Then anybody to whom should nothing. Then for both of you there comes the difficult period. It is necessary to look narrowly, get used to each other, and not to lose itself. As a result everyone costs on the, protects the opinion. One instant – here and an occasion. Mutual reproaches fly. The classical phrase – &laquo is born; You me not understand.” And as end – disperse and do not talk. Continue reading

Where to find the love?

In the modern world the loneliness problem costs very sharply. Thousand people cannot find to themselves partners in life. It is connected by that many at all do not know where to find love. Someone does not have time for searches, someone neuveren, and is also such people who have despaired to find second half as were tired of futile searches. Let’s talk about where to find the love?

Here some councils which will help you with search:

1. To create happy and strong marriage, you with your half should have general interests. You should look at the same things equally, to find things in common in any questions at issue. Therefore, choosing the future companion, you should consider all these moments.

2. The basic places where it is possible to find the love which probably to end for you with the strong union are places on interests. That is school, work, courses, mugs. Working together over any project, you can get acquainted more close, to learn each other. You precisely will have general interests. Besides the working moments you will know personal lines each other, a behaviour manner. And it is important aspect. So you can avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Continue reading

The zodiac. How to find the love


How really to learn your lover, the husband, the wife, and you by means of an astrology?

Only the full star chart at the moment of your birth can give you a complete description of your character. On the other hand do not believe widespread statements that it only a set of phrases which approach to an explanation of character of any person. It is absolutely incorrect. Characters are described by competent professionals and based on exact mathematical calculations of movement of the Sun and planets. And they give the general description of character. But as the arrangement of all of 8 planets at the moment of your birth is not known, can be, of course, and deviations in the description of your character. Nevertheless, these descriptions can be of interest if to give a discount for some discrepancies. Zodiac sign under which you were born, strongest of all star bodies. It so strongly paints your person that it is possible to give surprisingly exact picture of individuality of character. Continue reading

How to adjust relations with the favourite guy

Even strong relations do not do without quarrels and misunderstanding between loving each other people. At times so it would be desirable to take the first step and forget about the conflict, but something keeps from it. As a result time is lost, relations go to pieces and will just about be broken off. Already late to find out who it is guilty, it is necessary to do something to save love and to adjust relations with the favourite guy, having endured a thunder-storm in mutual understanding.

1. A straight talk. It is the most important point. Adjusting relations with the favourite guy, you should try to find out that has kept away you from each other and has led to dissonance. Even if you have sworn after change, sit down with the guy and talk, state the feelings, listen to the favourite. When you frankly and fairly will express, actually quarrel can appear trifling. If is not present, we pass to the second point – we search for the compromise.

2. Find forces on concessions. Sometimes it seems that it is an impracticable problem that you for 100 percent are right and if concede to Continue reading

How to adjust relations with the favourite?


Help to adjust relations with darling. We live together year, we meet 2 years. While met, all was good: understood each other, planned on the future, cared. After the beginning of joint life all not at once, but has changed for the worse. He began to drink more, on my requests promises not to drink, but continues to drink. Does not warn, when is late with friends. In sex at me became less desires after quarrels, he accuses me of it. He does not consider that in relations something not so, but seems to me that all has got bad, we any more do not understand each other. How to adjust relations with the favourite?


If darling drinks, promises not to drink and continues it to do, it looks, as a typical picture of alcoholism. It seems that the alcoholic is an inadequate person who rolls under a fence and looks it is a pity, but it not so: criterion of alcoholism is the regular alcohol intake, two times in a week or it is more. The alcoholic will not stop to drink only because it about it is asked by the wife or the girl. Thousand and thousand wives of alcoholics were already convinced of it. Do not make the same mistake. Continue reading

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How to find the love? I search for the guy
Perhaps there is no on the Earth a person who would refuse the main feeling enclosed in us by the Founder. And this feeling - LOVE! It is necessary to recognise that a question: "How…