Lonely people in the today’s

Lonely people in the today’s world becomes more and more. Women and men of the different age, achieved success in the social life, often prefer false and “burdensome” to obligations loneliness.

Certainly, this phenomenon can even please in something: in relations more and more valuable there is a truth. Marriage ceases to be “the form of economic survival” and “mutual exploitation”. But in due course – usually small – the loneliness begins imperceptibly, but inevitably to accrue. Sooner or later, the lonely person starts it to notice. At first with doubt, and then – all the more sharply. With the years the circle of friends and acquaintances often does not increase, the quantity of married friends and married girlfriends at which arise, distinct from interests of bachelors of both sexes, interests grows. And then the person risks to remain surrounded only fellow workers.

On the one hand, it is a lot of possibilities of search of acquaintances: shops, exhibitions, clubs, the Internet, personal announcements, marriage agencies. But the similar prospect often, understandably, inspires the Continue reading

How to recover relations with the favourite?

After several years of joint life many women reflect on changes in relations with favourite and search for ways of their improvement. It sometimes is impossible because of reality loss.

You consider, what your man swears apropos and without? It appears, it not simply mad as it seems to much from outside, he loves and appreciates you, but that does not suit it, he prefers to solve at once, let even by means of shout. However, there are the men simply preferring those and to do, what to be rude. Slightly press on them, think up a way – and the problem will disappear by itself.

If you consider that your relations worsen daily, do not blame only the husband. Understand for yourself that you from it want to achieve, and only then operate in the necessary direction more safely.

Some men as however, and some women, like to change to the half. Considering propensity of the spouse, try to protect it from unnecessary superfluous sights. It is quite real, though at first sight, probably, and will seem to you absurd. Continue reading

How to adjust relations with the favourite?


Help to adjust relations with darling. We live together year, we meet 2 years. While met, all was good: understood each other, planned on the future, cared. After the beginning of joint life all not at once, but has changed for the worse. He began to drink more, on my requests promises not to drink, but continues to drink. Does not warn, when is late with friends. In sex at me became less desires after quarrels, he accuses me of it. He does not consider that in relations something not so, but seems to me that all has got bad, we any more do not understand each other. How to adjust relations with the favourite?


If darling drinks, promises not to drink and continues it to do, it looks, as a typical picture of alcoholism. It seems that the alcoholic is an inadequate person who rolls under a fence and looks it is a pity, but it not so: criterion of alcoholism is the regular alcohol intake, two times in a week or it is more. The alcoholic will not stop to drink only because it about it is asked by the wife or the girl. Thousand and thousand wives of alcoholics were already convinced of it. Do not make the same mistake. Continue reading

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