How to adjust relations with the favourite?


Help to adjust relations with darling. We live together year, we meet 2 years. While met, all was good: understood each other, planned on the future, cared. After the beginning of joint life all not at once, but has changed for the worse. He began to drink more, on my requests promises not to drink, but continues to drink. Does not warn, when is late with friends. In sex at me became less desires after quarrels, he accuses me of it. He does not consider that in relations something not so, but seems to me that all has got bad, we any more do not understand each other. How to adjust relations with the favourite?


If darling drinks, promises not to drink and continues it to do, it looks, as a typical picture of alcoholism. It seems that the alcoholic is an inadequate person who rolls under a fence and looks it is a pity, but it not so: criterion of alcoholism is the regular alcohol intake, two times in a week or it is more. The alcoholic will not stop to drink only because it about it is asked by the wife or the girl. Thousand and thousand wives of alcoholics were already convinced of it. Do not make the same mistake. Continue reading

Where to find the husband: a rating of the best places for acquaintance

From the classical set known on a film «Moscow does not trust tears», remained unless cemeteries. Men “migrated” from libraries and dry-cleaners and now “are found” in other places.

As soon as you will cease to see in each stranger of the potential spouse, private life will be adjusted!

«I do not know, where now your future husband, but it is exact not at you the house!», – Rachel Grinvald, the author of the book «the Program is assured: 15 steps for search of the husband after 30» and we with it agree. Before to start active search, we urgently recommend to execute following points:

1) to Spend general cleaning in private life. To understand, what is the time you lose on men whom it is absolute to you do not approach.

3) To be convinced in absence of a creeping line on forehead «Me urgently is necessary in marriage», be initially adjusted on flirtation. It is not necessary to plan the future wedding on 3, 5 and even to 30 minute of conversation. Continue reading

Where to find love

Each woman would like love – mutual and till the end of life that is called: have fallen in love, have lived long happy life and have died in one day. But presently such relations – a curiosity, even it is possible to tell, past “museum piece”.

Women in a greater degree, than men, neudovletvorenny the life, self. Sometimes there is a question: can, in me something not so because of what I cannot find the half on for the rest of the life? After all in the beginning relations there was a love, the big pure feeling. But why it so quickly disappears?

I had an acquaintance who constantly cruelly derided acquaintances at people, and, scoffed at any physical defects or over defects, in its opinion, in clothes. And the husband at it was “under a heel”. But thus always complained that at them with the husband (not the first under the bill) is not present mutual understanding, harmonies, do not develop relations.

Other acquaintance on the contrary – the person soft, kind, pleasant in dialogue. But the husband walks. At them two children, and he is not going to get divorced from it, but also does not want to refuse a life freestyle. And, I heard, how it praised the wife and said that terpimee the woman did not meet. But the woman is unfortunate. All the husband – but walking is good. Such blow on female vanity. Eternal findings-out in itself: I mean not the best, than I do not suit it. Continue reading

Where to find passion and love
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Where to find the love
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Where to find love
Each woman would like love - mutual and till the end of life that is called: have fallen in love, have lived long happy life and have died in one day. But presently such relations…