The Karelian quadrille, love and pigeons


But places here picturesque, impressive. They also have helped sleepy Medvezhyegorsk to become cinema capital of Kareliya: here passed shootings of films of Chetvert I height And on stones grow trees” “Platinum 2” “Hunting on the piranha” … But most of all local residents are proud of that in 1984 Vladimir Menshov has chosen their city for film shootings “Love and pigeons”.

Since then much has changed – both time and a place. That house with a small court yard about street Bottom, 12 on suburb of Medvezhyegorsk. Where the film crew drove pigeons – has not remained, has burnt down.

And local residents do not dance for a long time a quadrille.


Nature for a film “Love and doves” the film crew searched in the Irkutsk region. On the bank of Baikal (the play is written about Siberia). But have not somehow amazed local places. And it is far from Moscow. To actors each time by plane to reach. And Vladimir Menshov has remembered Kareliya. Where once worked as the director-trainee in the Great Lip. Continue reading

Where to find love

My name is Carolina, now to me of 29 years. I married at me two children. 10 years ago I also could not imagine that I will be so is happy.

At the age of 17-18 years, all my schoolmates, and subsequently and fellow workers already met guys. I could find nobody. A question “where to find love” constantly tormented me. I cannot tell that anything for this purpose did not do, more likely on the contrary, but men for some reason escaped at once from me.

For example, I have begun the searches of the beloved with night clubs. Then I yet did not understand that among a contingent of night club I vrjatli can find to myself the husband. I often went on discos, but even addicts did not pay to me attention. No, matter is not that I was ugly. Like all was on a place, only here they jumped aside from me terribly.

I have decided to change a place of searches, but everything, thought where to find love. I began to visit theatres and exhibitions. Here the man began to pay attention to me, but those who showed sympathy signs, did not suit me. Too they were clever and correct. Continue reading

The author ruslana

Successful relations are one of the best supporting factors in life, therefore it is important to know how to save relations with darling, nesmotrja on any vital complexities. Such relations can sposobnostvovat to life improvement in all spheres, to health strengthening, development of mental faculties and skill to communicate. However, sometimes relations demand readiness to adapt to each other and to go pozhizni as a solid command. At the beginning feelings and emotions suppress a reason voice and consequently it seems to people. That their partner is almost ideal, but in due course romanticists in relations becomes ever less, and discontent – more and more. That it has not led to love disappearance, it is necessary to adhere to main principles of preservation and strengthening of relations.

Avoid widespread errors which kill love.

The majority of loving couples do not give itself the report that their some actions destroy relations. Many partners even cannot release after a while the past and constantly remember former beloved. It, naturally, is pleasant to nobody. Also never compare the present and former passion. Not be the Continue reading

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