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As men after parting with the beloved behave

After parting to darling painfully happens to each woman. Thoughts and experiences spin round the last events, or on loss of the person which became closest on light. Or, unexpectedly, there is a pity to the thrown beloved. And consequently very often there is a question: and whether the man endures parting?

Undoubtedly, many girls and women had to come up against such situation: at rupture of relations the man from the strong and courageous knight turns in I mumble also a gruel. But such it happens only at you. You its woman, means, you can tell the grieves. At less close acquaintances, it again becomes brave and courageous. The problem also consists in it. Hiding the weaknesses, the man is exposed to stresses, than the woman more strongly.

Women can share the experiences with girlfriends. They always will help council with such situation. Probably, even there will be a plan on the further updating of the life. And here the man’s half usually prefers to use other methods.

Usually it is the alcohol, exhausting trainings in sports hall, or driving with the forbidden speed. Such ways only promote development of adrenaline and are not capable to make the man quiet and counterbalanced. Besides it, it is not known, it can result all in what consequences. Excessive alcohol intake, for example, can lead to alcoholism. The person becomes an inveterate drunkard, loses work. Possibilities to make a normal strong family are lost. Continue reading

How to find the love? I search for the guy

Perhaps there is no on the Earth a person who would refuse the main feeling enclosed in us by the Founder. And this feeling – LOVE! It is necessary to recognise that a question: “How to find the love?” – it is actual today, more than ever before.

For today on our planet lives already more than 7 billion persons. It would Seem, problems at us can arise at the slightest pretext, but only not to find the husband or the wife. Nevertheless, the fact remains. Despite that the Internet is literally flooded by different offers of acquaintances, for example: How to find the husband? How to find the guy? How to find love. Searchers are every minute attacked by inquiries, type: I search for the man, I search for the woman, I search for the husband, I search for the wife, I search for love and I want in marriage. Perhaps and at you, expensive reader, this theme calls certain interest.

I search for the guy. Where and how to find the love?

We will try to understand this article, why the problem of mutual love in a Continue reading

Where to find the love

Why so council about love to is popular? To fall in love with itself is not only to cease to call itself silly or thick. It is necessary to fall in love with the body, the person, hair. To go in for sports and lose superfluous pair of kgs, instead of to justify the laziness the body constitution. To start to look after regularly itself, to touch clothes, without pity having thrown out zanoshennye things.

Straighten a back, lift above a head and replace grief in eyes with pleasure of life. Self-trust involves many people.

Where to find the love

On the first place on number of acquaintances there is an Internet. Social networks, dating sites, forums and chats. A minus of Internet acquaintances is uncertainty: who is on that party of the monitor.

Choosing acquaintance in a network, be careful. See page of the person if it is a social network. Absence of a photo, the information and the minimum Continue reading

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