How to return the beloved?

To return the beloved, first of all it is necessary to cease to operate from dictation of emotions and to start to arrive according to the accurate plan.

It as game in poker or war where are inadmissible display of the present emotions, a hysterics, rash acts, a panic and fear. As soon as the guy or the man understands that it was stopped loving by the beloved, it intuitively and under the influence of emotions starts to do everything that is considered to be correct actions in such situation:

You give flowers?

You make a declaration of love?

You beg her to return?

You make mad acts?

You offer a hand and heart?

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Lonely people in the today’s

Lonely people in the today’s world becomes more and more. Women and men of the different age, achieved success in the social life, often prefer false and “burdensome” to obligations loneliness.

Certainly, this phenomenon can even please in something: in relations more and more valuable there is a truth. Marriage ceases to be “the form of economic survival” and “mutual exploitation”. But in due course – usually small – the loneliness begins imperceptibly, but inevitably to accrue. Sooner or later, the lonely person starts it to notice. At first with doubt, and then – all the more sharply. With the years the circle of friends and acquaintances often does not increase, the quantity of married friends and married girlfriends at which arise, distinct from interests of bachelors of both sexes, interests grows. And then the person risks to remain surrounded only fellow workers.

On the one hand, it is a lot of possibilities of search of acquaintances: shops, exhibitions, clubs, the Internet, personal announcements, marriage agencies. But the similar prospect often, understandably, inspires the Continue reading

Where to find the husband: a rating of the best places for acquaintance

From the classical set known on a film «Moscow does not trust tears», remained unless cemeteries. Men “migrated” from libraries and dry-cleaners and now “are found” in other places.

As soon as you will cease to see in each stranger of the potential spouse, private life will be adjusted!

«I do not know, where now your future husband, but it is exact not at you the house!», – Rachel Grinvald, the author of the book «the Program is assured: 15 steps for search of the husband after 30» and we with it agree. Before to start active search, we urgently recommend to execute following points:

1) to Spend general cleaning in private life. To understand, what is the time you lose on men whom it is absolute to you do not approach.

3) To be convinced in absence of a creeping line on forehead «Me urgently is necessary in marriage», be initially adjusted on flirtation. It is not necessary to plan the future wedding on 3, 5 and even to 30 minute of conversation. Continue reading

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