How to save relations with the favourite guy?

D lja that that mutual relations between two loving people remained constantly at high level important that partners paid attention to their development and preservation. For this purpose it is necessary to show understanding in relation to each other.

Has imparted mutual relations

When between two people there is especially quivering feeling is only the first step to become closer. The second stage will be much more difficult, as consists in saving love in that kind as it has arisen. Some councils for this purpose will help:

To live joking. Important, despite complexity of a current situation all to perceive with sense of humour. Then it is possible to live easily and simply. Then problems will dare by itself and it will be possible to give more attention to development of mutual relations.

Avoiding of disputes. Certainly, in life often there are disputable, at times even conflict situations and between loving people. It is important to be able to listen to the partner and to find the conciliatory proposal. Continue reading

How to save long relations from the favourite: councils of the psychologist

The love is a deep feeling of enthusiasm to other person, it simply cannot so be described in a word, this concept is infinite, but is definitely clear that feeling this warm. Often people do not store the love how to learn how it to avoid?

The love is invaluable, it on all life, but people do not value to it, they simply do not notice how imperceptibly start to lose close people. All would begin like good, but suddenly one phrase can destroy all, any act, all it sometimes destroys all that was under construction for years. Therefore it is necessary to love cautiously, to be always ready, to try to understand the darling. Love it is necessary to try to hold and to know all about how to save long relations from the favourite. Girls are vulnerable enough also all perceive close to heart, therefore guys should try to make all that their girl was happy with them, has been assured of the partner, saw in it the reliability, it is possible to tell an ideal. Happens so that girls fall in love so strongly that already start not to notice many lacks of the partners, and it is already true love. To love the person such what it is, what can be better? Certainly, it is the best love, love present, love sincere, the love should be strong, attractive, in some measure captivating, intoxicating, bewitching, such that it would not be desirable to finish relations. But will create such idiliju in relations very difficultly and absolutely uneasy as for this purpose it will be necessary to try to both partners. The love is certainly the main thing but after people begin already home life, marry, there are absolutely other problems. Continue reading

How to adjust relations with favourite if too often quarrel

Unfortunately, conflicts – very frequent phenomenon in a family. Even if partners love the friend-friend, disputes are inevitable. And we will always find an occasion to transform them into quarrel with charges. It is good, if after quarrel there comes reconciliation. Much worse if quarrels become “tradition” in relations also will be a unique occasion to dialogue.

Why so occurs between close people? They appreciate, love, but do not want to listen each other. How to adjust relations? And how to quarrel correctly, not to finish to rupture?

All of us since the childhood we imagine the ideal model of relations. Time comes, and relations develop into a family. Suddenly all appears not so raduzhno. After all there is a merge of two absolutely different characters.

We start to realise that these relations for ever. And not all at once we can accept it. There comes a panic. We try to defend the rights. In our dreams it was not supposed that except the rights duties will come also. And smothering still clearly remembers free life. Then anybody to whom should nothing. Then for both of you there comes the difficult period. It is necessary to look narrowly, get used to each other, and not to lose itself. As a result everyone costs on the, protects the opinion. One instant – here and an occasion. Mutual reproaches fly. The classical phrase – &laquo is born; You me not understand.” And as end – disperse and do not talk. Continue reading

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