How to adjust relations with favourite if too often quarrel

Unfortunately, conflicts – very frequent phenomenon in a family. Even if partners love the friend-friend, disputes are inevitable. And we will always find an occasion to transform them into quarrel with charges. It is good, if after quarrel there comes reconciliation. Much worse if quarrels become “tradition” in relations also will be a unique occasion to dialogue.

Why so occurs between close people? They appreciate, love, but do not want to listen each other. How to adjust relations? And how to quarrel correctly, not to finish to rupture?

All of us since the childhood we imagine the ideal model of relations. Time comes, and relations develop into a family. Suddenly all appears not so raduzhno. After all there is a merge of two absolutely different characters.

We start to realise that these relations for ever. And not all at once we can accept it. There comes a panic. We try to defend the rights. In our dreams it was not supposed that except the rights duties will come also. And smothering still clearly remembers free life. Then anybody to whom should nothing. Then for both of you there comes the difficult period. It is necessary to look narrowly, get used to each other, and not to lose itself. As a result everyone costs on the, protects the opinion. One instant – here and an occasion. Mutual reproaches fly. The classical phrase – &laquo is born; You me not understand.” And as end – disperse and do not talk. Continue reading

Where to find love

Each woman would like love – mutual and till the end of life that is called: have fallen in love, have lived long happy life and have died in one day. But presently such relations – a curiosity, even it is possible to tell, past “museum piece”.

Women in a greater degree, than men, neudovletvorenny the life, self. Sometimes there is a question: can, in me something not so because of what I cannot find the half on for the rest of the life? After all in the beginning relations there was a love, the big pure feeling. But why it so quickly disappears?

I had an acquaintance who constantly cruelly derided acquaintances at people, and, scoffed at any physical defects or over defects, in its opinion, in clothes. And the husband at it was “under a heel”. But thus always complained that at them with the husband (not the first under the bill) is not present mutual understanding, harmonies, do not develop relations.

Other acquaintance on the contrary – the person soft, kind, pleasant in dialogue. But the husband walks. At them two children, and he is not going to get divorced from it, but also does not want to refuse a life freestyle. And, I heard, how it praised the wife and said that terpimee the woman did not meet. But the woman is unfortunate. All the husband – but walking is good. Such blow on female vanity. Eternal findings-out in itself: I mean not the best, than I do not suit it. Continue reading

Where to find love

So far as concerns female love, all start to think of the romanticist, appointments and magic. But in a counterbalance to it, men should rely only on common sense and pure calculation. And to it there is a good explanation.

For anybody not a secret what to find love difficultly enough, but all men pass through it sooner or later. Many believe to find love it is necessary to start to go in different places and to flirt with girls. It is one of possible variants, but the extremely inefficient. The best way consists in making itself desired and then will already choose not you, and you will choose. So to say, appear in the most delicious condition.

Understand that in the world there is a set of instructions on how to correctly fascinate the girl, how to spend with it the first appointment, how to win its sympathy and vljubit in itself. All of them lean against the base principles which are known by each man. But we have absolutely forgotten one important condition: you do not need to represent and try anything if the girl tries to be pleasant to you. Everything that remains to you is it to relax and take pleasure in the moment.

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