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How to save relations with the girlfriend or the guy?

Many loving pairs during this or that period have cases which are capable to break off relations of the girl and the guy for ever. We have decided to tell (or to remind) what to save the relation always it is possible for you. And also as it can be made, that in the future of such sad situations did not occur.

First of all, you should begin quiet conversation on a theme that you most of all began to disturb in your girlfriend or the guy. Thus it is necessary to behave very easy, without increase of a voice or a presentation of any claims towards your second half. It is necessary to find out, in what the base of your problems consists – can, it is change from someone’s party, maybe, loss of feelings.

To save relations. Which you very much value and do not want to pull down, do not try to alter or change the guy or the girl. You have fallen in love with the person not to correct, and such what it is. If to you causes something a pain or it is not pleasant in the darling try to explain it to it politely. Perhaps he will think of it and can supervise itself further.

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As men after parting with the beloved behave

After parting to darling painfully happens to each woman. Thoughts and experiences spin round the last events, or on loss of the person which became closest on light. Or, unexpectedly, there is a pity to the thrown beloved. And consequently very often there is a question: and whether the man endures parting?

Undoubtedly, many girls and women had to come up against such situation: at rupture of relations the man from the strong and courageous knight turns in I mumble also a gruel. But such it happens only at you. You its woman, means, you can tell the grieves. At less close acquaintances, it again becomes brave and courageous. The problem also consists in it. Hiding the weaknesses, the man is exposed to stresses, than the woman more strongly.

Women can share the experiences with girlfriends. They always will help council with such situation. Probably, even there will be a plan on the further updating of the life. And here the man’s half usually prefers to use other methods.

Usually it is the alcohol, exhausting trainings in sports hall, or driving with the forbidden speed. Such ways only promote development of adrenaline and are not capable to make the man quiet and counterbalanced. Besides it, it is not known, it can result all in what consequences. Excessive alcohol intake, for example, can lead to alcoholism. The person becomes an inveterate drunkard, loses work. Possibilities to make a normal strong family are lost. Continue reading

How to return the beloved?

To return the beloved, first of all it is necessary to cease to operate from dictation of emotions and to start to arrive according to the accurate plan.

It as game in poker or war where are inadmissible display of the present emotions, a hysterics, rash acts, a panic and fear. As soon as the guy or the man understands that it was stopped loving by the beloved, it intuitively and under the influence of emotions starts to do everything that is considered to be correct actions in such situation:

You give flowers?

You make a declaration of love?

You beg her to return?

You make mad acts?

You offer a hand and heart?

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