The Karelian quadrille, love and pigeons


But places here picturesque, impressive. They also have helped sleepy Medvezhyegorsk to become cinema capital of Kareliya: here passed shootings of films of Chetvert I height And on stones grow trees” “Platinum 2” “Hunting on the piranha” … But most of all local residents are proud of that in 1984 Vladimir Menshov has chosen their city for film shootings “Love and pigeons”.

Since then much has changed – both time and a place. That house with a small court yard about street Bottom, 12 on suburb of Medvezhyegorsk. Where the film crew drove pigeons – has not remained, has burnt down.

And local residents do not dance for a long time a quadrille.


Nature for a film “Love and doves” the film crew searched in the Irkutsk region. On the bank of Baikal (the play is written about Siberia). But have not somehow amazed local places. And it is far from Moscow. To actors each time by plane to reach. And Vladimir Menshov has remembered Kareliya. Where once worked as the director-trainee in the Great Lip. Continue reading

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